About Alex and PappasFit

Hi, my name is Alex Pappas and I am the founder of PappasFit. I was a fitness trainer for  almost 9 years before switching gears and working in the supply chain for a supplement company. I am still heavily involved with fitness and know the challenges that people face when trying to workout and better themselves. 

Time is your most valuable asset, and the more time you spend scrolling through different blog posts and social media posts trying to find a workout for the day, is a lot of time wasted. PappasFit gives you programs already made to get you results. They tell you exactly what to do so that each day you have a plan and you maximize your time.

Money is also valuable (in my opinion), and I know you don't want to just throw all this money towards a program or subscription service that you barely know anything about. The more expensive it is the better quality it has to be right? Not always! My programs are cheap, but I made sure they are of great quality as well. Even have sample workouts straight from the programs for you to try BEFORE purchasing it!

A little more about me...

I grew up playing all kinds of sports, football, soccer, basketball, hockey, etc. so being active outside is a big part of my life. I have a beautiful fiancé named Caitlin, and a wonderful dog named Rey. If the weather allows, we almost always try to find something to do on the weekends that is outdoors. Hiking, paddleboarding, and camping to name a few.

I'm pretty introverted, so you will not catch me at a bar, club, or concert if I don't have to be there. Very content hanging out with close family and friends. 

I am a huge college football fan, so when that season comes around my outdoor Saturdays dwindle. I prefer college sports over pro but will watch both. Not too picky when it comes to sports. 

I do my best to live a more sustainable lifestyle. My diet now consists more of plant based options but every now and then I do eat meat. I try to keep it to a minimal, and choose chicken over beef most of the time. I've been switching a lot of my everyday products that I use over to eco friendly ones. 

One of my goals in life is to simply make an impact. I don't want to just make a positive impact in peoples lives through health and fitness, but also make a positive impact on the environment and animals.